Structural optimization of the Benelli Progressive Comfort - Overall dimension and weight optimization under the maximum cartridge loads condition

Loredana Banci, Alessandro Rosa

Benelli Armi


The objective of this project, we have realized with modeFRONTIER, was the optimization of the Progressive Comfort for the new 828U over and under shotgun starting from the standard Progressive Comfort we had already in production on the semiautomatic shotguns.

For hunters lightness and overall dimension in a shotgun are very important. Keep the weight low of the whole shotgun assures an easy portability and a good handling during an hunting day while keep low the overall dimension of each component leaves freedom of design for the other components, especially inside the stock where the space is very limited.

Starting from these considerations, our goal was to reduce the weight and the overall dimension of the standard Progressive Comfort already in production, in order to obtain a Progressive Comfort smaller and lighter with the same mechanical behaviour (the same force-deformation curve) for the new 828U over and under shotgun.