Title of Paper

Politecnico di Milano

Luca Sgambi   

Teaching becomes fun: experiencing the Uncle Scrooge Money Bin re-design

University of Padova

Giuseppe Gambolati   

Raising Venice anthropogenically and uncle Scrooge's baloon


Massimo Maffeis   

Structural design for tensile structures


Chiara Crosti   

Back analysis of the collapse of a temporary demountable structure

GAP Progetti

Alessandro Gasparini   

Tree of Life - The Impossible Challange

Fincon Consulting Italia

Alper Kanyilmaz   

Numerical modelling of the seismic behaviour of steel silos and tanks

Etea Sicurezza

Ilenia Manassero   

Fire and evacuation CFD simulation in a luxury fashion shop

University of Padova

Nicol√≤ Spiezia   

A three-dimensional FEM code for non-linear coupled geomechanical problems

Master SAFEng

Davide Grandis   

Performance fire design for industrial structures

F&M Ingegneria

Sandro Favero   

The Floating Roof