Performance fire design for industrial structures

Davide Grandis

Master SAFEng – Dipartimento di Ingegneria, Università di Ferrara

Daniele Andriotto

Davide Giuriola

Practical experiences gained using Straus7 software for structural analysis and Pyrosim software for fire modelling are presented in this article with new methods of fire resistance analysis for steel elements built in industrial structures. The new analysis method for efficient response, for the attention to low cost of peculiar steel structures designed “without protection” for fire resistance are explained with examples and detail on design process and with innovative approaches.

European performance based design became also for the Italian fire code, the reference for the study of the behavior of all structures at elevated temperatures. The new construction of a single-story industrial building of Toyota Group is presented with the control of those structural performance and details for design in case of fire. The equilibrium of temperature distribution inside the structure elements as a function of time, is calculated with finite element solver Straus7 with attention to all the different boundary conditions with also nonlinear steady state or transient solutions for thermal properties of the materials.