Title of Paper

Lufthansa Technik AG

Stefan Kuntzagk   

Recalculation of the fan design of a classic aero engine with high thrust-class from a maintenance perspective


Olivier Deslandes   

Ariane 6 central skirt Optimization 


Simone Gubbioni   

Optimization of detonation point of a blast charge in order to minimize the Collateral Damage ensuring high Lethal effect on target in an urban scenario

EnginSoft SpA

Erik Mazzoleni   

Air Management System of a Greenhouse Module for Space Applications

OTO Melara

Nicola Degl'Innocenti  

Structural dynamic behavior of loading tray of new 76/62 Upper Deck


Gabriele Bombaci   

Studies of the deployment of net to capture a debris in space environment

DTA Distretto Aerospaziale Pugliese

Giuseppe Acierno   

Grottaglie Test Bed


Emmanuel Leroux   

Radiated Emissions from a PCB in an enclosure, a practical case


Thomas Lind   

Verification of finite element simulation in automotive crash testing with optical 3D metrology

Politecnico di Torino

Maria Pia Monterossi   

Numerical modelling for the prediction of aircraft cooled components thermal behavior 

DSSEA-IT Army General Staff

Angelo Messina   

A-CASE "Agile" Computer Aided Software Engineering environment 



Title of Paper

Umbra Cuscinetti

Giuseppe Corradi   

Finite element analysis support to design of electromechanical systems

Sapienza University of Rome

Stefania Gemma   

Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Objective Optimization of an Unconventional Aircraft Concept using modeFRONTIER

JSC Russian Helicopters

Ilya Evdokimov   

Blade element theory in the UAV Multirotor blade optimization

DTA Distretto Aerospaziale Pugliese

Silvano Capuzzo   

CAE instruments application in DTA (Apulian Aerospace Technological District) research projects


Alberto Clarich   

Innovative methodologies for Robust Design Optimization with large number of uncertainties using modeFRONTIER

EnginSoft SpA

Carlo Conti   

Towards food production in space missions: engineering the hydroponic system of the plant growth unit 


Stefano Scardino   

DFAM: Design For Additive Manufacturing of the case for a rugged pc for aeronautical applications

Politecnico di Torino

Gianluigi Santillo   

Influence of Turbulence Modeling on Velocity Profiles for Cyclone Separators 


Emiliano Costa   

Icing simulation through the RBF4AERO Benchmark Technology


Gabriele Bombaci   

Analysis of morphing multilayer inflatable wings for hypersonic vehicle

EnginSoft SpA

Michele Andreoli  

An overview of the FIRST project: CFD can be a valuable tool for a deeper understanding of the atomization process