Innovative methodologies for Robust Design Optimization with large number of uncertainties using modeFRONTIER

Alberto Clarich, Rosario Russo, Zhongli Wen



This paper describes the methodologies that have been developed by ESTECO during the first phase of UMRIDA European Project, in the field of Uncertainty Management and Robust Design Optimization, and that have been implemented in the software platform modeFRONTIER.

In particular, in the first part there are proposed two methodologies, one based on SS-ANOVA regression applied directly to the uncertainties variables and one based on a stepwise regression methodology applied to the Polynomial Chaos terms used for the uncertainty quantification.

Aeronautical test cases proposed by UMRIDA consortium are used to verify the validity of the methodologies. In the second part, the state of art methodologies for Robust Design Optimization are compared with a new proposed approach, based on a min-max definition of the objectives, and the application of Polynomial Chaos coefficients for an accurate definition of percentiles (reliability-based robust design optimization). Also in this case an Aeronautical CFD test case is proposed to validate the methodologies.