Title of Paper


Paolo Monti   

The structural modelling of pipelay vessels dedicated to the laying of long and deepwater submarine pipelines 

Ansaldo Nucleare

Thomas Coltella   

Qualification Drop Tests of a LILW prismatic container performing LS-Dyna analyses

Onet Technologies

Grégoire Augé   

CFD-Assisted design for a supercritical water oxidation reactor - oxidation of different types of waste


Pertti Koukkari   

Advanced Thermochemical Simulation of Rotary Kilns

Process Flow

Eero Immonen   

Reduced energy consumption and emissions by advanced process simulation


Cristina Zuliani   

Comparative study on hot plume dispersion from ground flares in an LNG plant: FLACS vs FLUENT 

Ansaldo Energia

Roberto Biondi   

A 3D FEM approach to evaluate the flux leakage and the magnetic induction in proximity to the end region of turbogenerators


Hans-Peter Streber   

Application of CAE Tools for design and scaling of a solar reactor and receiver for acid splitting for the HYS process at pilot plant scale

Andritz Hydro

Nicola Pornaro   

Structural analysis of a Spherical Valve: A smart approach for guarantee mechanical reliability and quick responses

European Commission – DG JRC – Institute for Transuranium Elements – Nuclear Security

Giovanni Mercurio   

1D CFD Modeling of Uranium enrichment cascades in support of the European Nuclear Safeguards activities

Franco Tosi Meccanica

Giorgio Turozzi   

Fluid dynamics optimization of a Steam Turbine last three low pressure stages



Title of Paper

Ansaldo Nucleare

Fabrizio Magugliani   

Theory, design and CFD analysis of a Multi-Blade screw pump evolving liquid for a GEN-IV LFR Nuclear Power Plant


Giancarlo Bernasconi   

Simulation of control policies for new pipeline inspection tools

C.S.T. Compression Service Technology

Alessandro Ussi   

New Method for Current Pulsation Calculation in Induction Machines Driving Reciprocating Compressor

ELICA SpA - FIME Divisione Motori

Francesco Trabalzi   

Very compact and efficient centrifugal blower for gas boilers with an innovative gas intake system integrated


Stefano Scardino   

Simulation of blasting phenomena in the void

Franco Tosi Meccanica spa

N. Bachschmid   

Crack Propagation in a Steam Turbine Rotor and its Influence on the Rotor Vibrations


Paolo Barbero   

The ITER TFC project: SIMIC's response to technological


Riccardo Bergamin   

The Fortissimo Sure_HPC project: turbine CFD optimization on Cloud infrastructure


Jonathan Roncolato   

CSP piping modeling with gaseous HTF in Simscape

Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE

Francesca Colucci   

Numerical modelling for geological reservoir characterization

EnginSoft SpA

Manolo Venturin   

SOL2HY2 – Solar to Hydrogen Optimization Process