Numerical modelling for geological reservoir characterization

Francesca Colucci, Fabio Moia, Roberto Guandalini, Giordano Agate

Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE


An original software suite, called GeoSIAM (Integrated System for GeoModelling Analyses), has been developed in order to realize accurate numerical simulations of all the energy production aspects involving geological reservoirs, such as geothermal field exploitation, CO2 and natural gas storage and compressed air energy storage, mainly with the goal of verifying the feasibility and safety of the processes involved both in the short and long period. A characterization of a geothermal field to assess the feasibility of a 5 MWe pilot plant and of an on-shore CO2 geological storage reservoir are shown, pointing out the methodology aspects including the creation of the static geological model and the generation of the 3D fluid dynamic model, and the GeoSIAM features to build, simulate and tune different scenarios.

The results show how the methodology implemented by GeoSIAM allows to perform geological reservoir characterizations with an high level of accuracy, saving time and reducing errors.