Title of Paper

Bonfiglioli Mechatronic Research

Franco Concli   

Effect of the machining tolerances on the transmission error of planetary gearboxes: a numerical approach


Daniele Agazzi   

Field tests vs CFD results in gas applications for EMbaffle technology

University of Strasbourg

Dominique Knittel   

Optimized Industrial Control in Roll-to-Roll Systems: New Approaches using Finite Element Modeling of the Web 

Marchesini Group

Carlo Zanini   

Innovating packaging through software development

Ariston Thermo

Francesco Perticaroli   

Increase performance and reduce noise in the new concept Ariston heat pump

Benelli Armi

Loredana Banci   

Structural optimization of the Benelli Progressive Comfort - Overall dimension and weight optimization under the maximum cartridge loads condition


Sauro Benetti   

MMI™ TECHNYL® Design powered by Digimat

ABB Sace

Nicola Bresciani   

Knowledge management in LVSB R&D (An ABB SACE experience)


Caterina Turrisi   

Structural analysis of an implantable cardiac device (Heart Damper) for the treatment of advanced heart failure inside a 3D finite element model of the ventricle

Mario Frigerio

Giorgio Pirovano   

Design of a Large Planetary Stranding Machine through MultiBody Simulation and Finite Element Analysis: a Successful Case of Collaboration and Innovation

Piaggio & C.

Riccardo Testi   

The added value of Space Claim daily use in the Finite Element modeling metrics in ANSYS