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Title of Paper

FCA Italy

Giancarlo Gotta   

1D thermal simulation for automotive engine cooling systems. Elevation profile effectS for track and mountain road investigations.

Magneti Marelli

Bhartendu Tavri   

New Methodology: Intercooler Integration - Space & Efficiency Optimization

Pierburg Pump Technologies

Emanuela Ligarò   

Critical frequencies and acoustic emission of an automotive Variable Displacement Oil Pump: some numerical analyses and validations


Marco Testa   

Automotive closures fatigue life prediction; new methodology and ad hoc SW tools improve simulations reliability and reduce the CAE model preparation time

Continental Corporation

Marco Mechi   

Simulation based Design for Six Sigma Methodologies


Mauro Canobbio   

Assessment of different numerical techniques for a reliable airbag performances evaluation and calibration


Patrick Dewailly   

Reverse identification of the elastic properties of a unidirectional composite

Johnson Electric

Gabriele Milanese   

Modeling and design of automotive axial flow fans: further steps


Ugo Sorge   

EXCITE for Turbocharger Rotor Dynamics Simulation

BETA CAE Systems S.A.

Dimitrios Drougkas   

Multi objective optimization of a composite material F1 front wing

SCS Italy

Francesco Pasqua   

Virtual wind-tunnel tests and HPC facilities: open-source solutions for massive automotive performance analysis



Title of Paper

Pierburg Pump Technologies

Andrea Barbetti   

Analysis of a vane oil pump mechanism failure: Multibody, fluid-dynamic and validation

Piaggio & C.

Riccardo Testi   

The added value of Space Claim daily use in the Finite Element modeling metrics in ANSYS

Luna Rossa Challenge

Michele Stroligo   

Preliminary Design Investigation for the development of new hull shapes for America’s Cup Class catamaran AC-62


Alberto Bassanese   

Multi-Objective Design Optimization of an Inverter for Electric Vehicles


Claudio Lorenzo Raia  

Solutions for multi-physics problems application examples

Valeo Transmissions Centre Technique

Yannick Lefebvre   

Multi Body simulation for pendulum components in dual mass flywheel

BETA CAE Systems S.A.

Grigoris Fotiadis   

The influence of mesh characteristics on OPENFOAM simulations of the DrivAer model


Daniele Stanga   

Optimization of the torsional mode of a car body using modeFRONTIER

Magneti Marelli

Luigi Scandale   

Vibroacoustic analysis of a PRP Pump assembly


Emiliano Costa   

Structural optimization of an automotive wheel rim through an RBF mesh morphing technique


Michael Ehlen   

An Innovative Approach for Liquid Fluid Flow Simulations