New Methodology: Intercooler Integration - Space & Efficiency Optimization

Bhartendu Tavri

Magneti Marelli


In the field of automotive where there are highly progressive expectations of improvement in overall efficiency along with the strictness towards the environmental impact, optimized use of resources and precise crafting of technology is of utmost importance.

Our Approach is to reduce the size of engine’s air intake system by integrating the Intercooler with Air Intake Manifold. This will lead to an increase in overall system’s performance and will open the room to provide more technological alternatives for psychological comfort of the end user.

The crux of this approach is to optimize the fluid dynamic behavior of the air. It will lead to improvements in the heat exchange through intercooler, reduce the air temperature going into the engine and minimize the overall pressure loss of the system. ANSYS tool has been a very important platform for us to analyze and optimize some of the complex phenomena such as the flow uniformity, intercooler permeability not just from the fluid dynamic point of view but also from the design and structural stability of the system.