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Assessment of different numerical techniques for a reliable airbag performances evaluation and calibration

Mauro Canobbio, Giovanni Toniato


Claudio Martin
EnginSoft SpA

Vehicle safety and crashworthiness is crucial when consumers are looking to purchase and, moreover, Governments establish continuously new and more severe safety standards.

The vehicle structure plays an important role but It is just a part of a complex system where all the parts collaborate to the overall crashworthiness performance; in particular, interior trims and restraint systems give a fundamental contribution as interposer between the structure and the occupants during the impact. The restraint systems include different subsystems such as airbags. Car manufacturers and suppliers are investing big efforts in studying more effective airbags; this drives, from the numerical simulation point of view, the development and implementation of appropriate theory to correctly simulate the behavior from the folded configuration to the final deflation.

This paper is a part of a bigger assessment campaign with the goal of identify the simulation techniques, implemented in LS-DYNA, suitable for every applications taking into account results reliability, effectiveness for product development and CPU cost.