Vibroacoustic analysis of a PRP Pump assembly

Luigi Scandale

Magneti Marelli


Today, in the field of automotive, multiple systems involving different physical phenomena’s all interact with each other simultaneously. To get a complete overview of systems behaviour and to achieve realistic and reliable results multiphysics analysis techniques is the prime need.

Multiphysics analysis, using the several tool offered by ANSYS, allows us to set different simulations and interface them all together in order to create a continuous flow of information that are shared across different physical domains until the final simulation is finished and the results are achieved.

The purpose of this analysis is to optimize the way in which some elements touch each other. Starting from the electromagnetic actuation simulation of the pump system followed by the structural analysis and finally ending the simulation with acoustic analysis. Step by step the multiphysics analysis approach will help us to optimize the actuation system and reduce the acoustic noise.