Reverse identification of the elastic properties of a unidirectional composite

Patrick Dewailly



Since several years, the weight reduction in the automotive field has become a priority by using composite materials.

Unidirectional thermoplastic composites are one part of the family of composite materials. These materials allow to obtain very high mechanical properties in the fiber direction. On the contrary, the modulus in the transverse direction to the fibers is much less important. These materials are transverse isotropic.

As part of a study of a composite product, it was important to know the different mechanical moduli thermoplastic pultruded glass and carbon to achieve a realistic structural simulation.

The characterization of these cylindrical pultruded products is difficult by a conventional approach on a machine traction/compression in particular on the transverse moduli.

The solution was to make a reverse-identification by coupling modeFRONTIER and ABAQUS within put data from trials less difficult to implement.

Using a DOE completed by a genetic algorithm provided by modeFRONTIER has allowed to find the 6 independant different elastic moduli of the 6 pultruded products