Very compact and efficient centrifugal blower for gas boilers with an innovative gas intake system integrated

Francesco Trabalzi, Fabio Tantalo, Leonardo Vitaletti

ELICA SpA - FIME Divisione Motori


Domestic boilers market is lately following the broader HVAC trend and is pushing towards more efficient and competitive products. Pursuing this trend FIME, ELICA SpA fans and motors division, exploited design potentials, supported by ANSYS, and created a very innovative centrifugal blower.

Starting from the known data of a serial production bigger centrifugal blower, using an algorithm based on similitude theory, it was possible to obtain the blower correct dimension and to match the motor working range adequate to the blower.

Next, a Design of experiment supported by BladeGen, ICEM and CFX, allowed to choose the best impeller and scroll configuration , in term of efficiency.

Last phase, which has brought the greatest contribution to innovation and efficiency, focused on a new gas intake system integrated to the aluminium die-casted scroll.