The Fortissimo Sure_HPC project: turbine CFD optimization on Cloud infrastructure

Riccardo Bergamin


Alessandro Arcidiacono
EnginSoft SpA

Fortissimo is the project with the purpose to enable European SMEs to be competitive globally by means of advanced CAE services running on a HPC cloud infrastructure. Accordingly with the EU Horizon2020 framework, the Sure_HPC project has three more consequences: promoting renewable energy, developing the emerging countries economy and make the European SMEs able to access foreign markets competitively.This project achieves the above goals thanks to the consortium among Zeco, the energy SME actor, EnginSoft and Cineca. A new axial water turbine layout is designed and optimized by means of CFD, satisfying the emerging countries energy demand with cheaper and easier installation works compared to the standard layout ones. For SMEs like Zeco, the main obstacle to a full exploitation of CFD optimization tools is the high CPU power needed. Hence Cineca is involved as the HPC cloud infrastructure provider, while EnginSoft provides the CFD software license and technical know-how and support.