Recalculation of the fan design of a classic aero engine with high thrust-class from a maintenance perspective

Stefan Kuntzagk

Lufthansa Technik AG

In order to improve maintenance costs and fuel burn of modern and mature engines, Lufthansa Technik carries out recalculations in a systematic matter on a very detailed level for all engine types, where maintenance services will be provided.

A typical example is the flow analysis of the fan module of a classic turbofan engine, which is in service for several decades now. The presentation describes the general flow topology of that design and possible room for improvements, which could not be detected with the tools available in the design phase of that type in the late ‘70s.

The model considers all relevant geometrical details of the fan including the effect of the deformation during operation. Typical wear and tear mechanisms are shown and their influence on the performance is predicted. It is explained, which of these mechanisms will generate the largest performance debit and where it is most valuable to invest maintenance effort in the shop or on-wing.

Subject of the presentation is also to show the difficulty of introducing modifications in order to improve the reliability without affecting the module performance.


2004: Beginning of studies in aerospace engineering at Technical University Braunschweig
2009: Finishing of studies in aerospace engineering
2009 - today: Performance Engineer at Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg in Propulsion System Engineering Department, Product Division Engine Services