Finite element analysis support to design of electromechanical systems

Giuseppe Corradi
Stefano Toro

Umbra Cuscinetti


The recent advances of last decades in the material and power control of electromagnetic devices have pushed hard all markets to focus for the reposition of actuation technics from hydraulic to electromechanic.

Umbra Cuscinetti took this opportunity, as a world leading supplier of ballscrew systems, that is the core of a plurality of linear actuators for all markets, to turn from being a component designer into a system designer.

This challenge involved strongly the analysis capabilities, through the exploitation of the potentials of Ansys for the simulation and computation of new kind of analysis, required by customers or by certification needs.

A non exhaustive list includes among the others: analysis of preloaded ballscrews and systems, modal analysis of multibody structures, integration of electromagnetic forces into structural components, simulation of test stress conditions of non-linear structures, and more.

All these studies have been initially non-standard with respect to the analysis of single components: the flexibility of Ansys in this case has been a crucial asset in order to develop a sound a convincing solution for the computation of structures.