Structural dynamic behavior of loading tray of new 76/62 Upper Deck

Nicola Degl'Innocenti

OTO Melara

The loading system of an automatic gun comprises those devices whose function is to load the round in barrel for firing. The loading system furthermore receives the empty case extracted from gun barrel after firing and transfers it to the case ejection system. The loading system mainly consists of a loading tray which can assume two positions as follows:

  • up, when it takes the cartridge from the ammunition store and the spent case from the cartridge chamber;
  • down, when it rams the round into the gun barrel and transfers the spent case to the case ejection system

The loading tray is automatically moved in its up position by the recoiling mass during its recoil stroke through a recocking transmission and in its down position by a hydropneumatic recuperator. We have developed a FEM model for the new loading tray with the aim to optimize its structural response to project loads.

The model reproduce with two different simulations the down movement when it ram the round into the barrel and the up movement during gun recoil.