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The use of simulation with Forge Nxt in the feasibility analysis to forge nickel-alloy parts with a 100.000 tons press for Power Generation Industry

Daniele Brunelli

GIVA Group


GIVA Group is constituted by several divisions operating in the sectors of production, forging, machining and selling of steel and super-alloys. In particular the companies dealing with hot forging, real core business of GIVA, distinguish themselves for the wide range of available equipment for forging and circular lamination.

The 100.000 tons press installed in Forgiatura A.Vienna, located in Rho, is of particular interest as it has been operating since 2013/2015 and it’s the biggest one in world. Thanks to this press, GIVA has gathered a team of engineers expert in forging, super-alloy metallurgy and numerical simulation.

The work of this group, supported by FORGE for simulation, has recently performed a successful trail aiming at forging, with the new 100.000 tons press, a turbine disk made of nickel-alloy with one meter diameter.