Analytical computation of the plunger kinematic parameters affecting quality in HPDC

Elena Fiorese, Dario Richiedei, Franco Bonollo

University of Padova


High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) is the most used process for manufacturing Al alloy components, thanks to its high production rate. Nevertheless, HPDC is considered a “defect generating process”, due to high scrap percentage usually detected. Thus, identification and determination of the parameters affecting quality of castings is the challenge towards an efficient and effective production.

In their previous work, the Authors have found and statistically demonstrated that some novel parameters, representing a measure of the mechanical energy related to the plunger motion and transmitted to the melt, allow explaining and forecasting both mechanical properties and porosity of the castings. In this work, an analytical approach for computing these novel parameters, starting from the plunger displacement curve or its notable points, has been proposed and extensively explained. Hence, the optimization of process can be achieved by choosing in advance the best plunger kinematic parameters affecting quality of castings.