Predicting the Future of Engineering Simulation

Tim Morris

Chief Executive of NAFEMS

CAE has already established itself as an outstanding success story within the world of engineering.
Its positive impact upon a whole range of industries is now well known and routinely accepted by business leaders.

This is dramatically increasing the demand for its widespread usage.

The need to satisfy this increased demand results in several challenges and different branches of the CAE industry are proposing a variety of ways to meet these challenges, such as “democratization of CAE”, or increasing the productivity of experts through the extensive deployment of SPDM. The presentation will explore these and other strategies, and present the latest research from NAFEMS in to the current usage of CAE and its future trends.


Tim Morris joined NAFEMS in 2003. Since then he has been driving the organization forward to achieve:

  • improved international participation increased coverage of the range of engineering simulation technologies that are embraced and
  • the continued supply of high quality guidance on the use of simulation for professional engineering practitioners through a variety of different media

Prior to joining NAFEMS Tim worked for 16 years in industry, and held a number of different roles before reaching the position of Associate Director at one of the UK’s leading engineering simulation companies.

During this time, he developed expertise in a variety of simulation technologies including dynamic analysis and advanced non-linear analysis.

Tim is qualified as a Chartered Engineer and is a graduate of Oxford University.