3D digitalization of your product to simulate its behaviour

Andrea Pasqualetto

QFP Service


Capturing the entire real object surface opens up a completely new dimension in the quality and detail of the information you get about your processes. Optical 3D metrology and in particular SLS systems (Structured Light System) give today the possibility to measure and virtualize accurately the real part in a very detailed way.

In order to minimize the Time to Market and increase the quality of the production process, the 3D digitalization offers from one side, for your prototype, a full description of the part to better find out the adjustments needed, from the other side, for the final product, an accurate measurement of your critical dimension and keeps your process under control.

This is the main field of application of Optical 3D metrology but not the only one. The numerical simulation is growing up due to the needs to have the real geometry of the object as input for the simulation task. In this case CFD for racing application, CFD for diagnostic analysis, CFD for redesign application, FEM for deformation analysis, FEM for injection moulding design, FEM for Casting process optimization are someone of the most interesting new applications of 3D digitizing where the simulation of the real part, and not the theoric one, allows to reach the target in a precise and effective way.