Numerical Simulation and Experimental Testing, two Competitors or Partners?

Peter Pirro

John Deere

Today, numerical simulation and experimental testing are used to qualify products in different stages of the development.

It will be shown, how the two disciplines can be competitors and partners at the same time, to efficiently influence the design.


1977 - First engineering work with FE for notches
1986 - Dr.-Ing. degree (Nonlinear Fracture Mechanic using FEM methods)
Joining John Deere at Zweibrücken Germany: introduction of CAD system CADAM; coupling CADAM with ANSYS
1990 - Head of department “Applied Mechanics” in the testing department.
Responsible for structural analysis, measurement and test stands.
1995-2002 - In addition QMB (Quality Management Representative) for JD-Zweibrücken with responsibility for ISO 9001 certification.
1996-2001 - Manager, Product Testing and Reliability for JD Zweibrücken.
Responsible for structural analysis, measurement, test stand, prototype build, field testing, reliability assessment and strategic quality planning for the product lines, Combines, SPFH (Self propelled Forage Harvesters), Round Balers, Front Loaders and Telescopic Handlers.
2001-2006 - Manager World Wide SPFH Engineering.
Responsible for development and introduction of the 7000-Series SPFH.
2006-2015 - Worldwide Manager Product Verification & Validation for the 6000-Series Tractor Family.
Responsible for all kind of simulation in every step of the development phase, test stands, field testing etc.
Department of 80 engineers at Mannheim and 8 in India and 80 technicians.