Latest Application Examples of MPS Method in Various Industries

Sunao Tokura

Prometech Software


In recent years MPS (Moving Particle Simulation), a kind of particle methods, has been widely understood as a unique and efficient technique to simulate the behavior of fluid like materials. Especially the feature of unnecessity of time consuming mesh generation in the fluid region surrounded by complex geometry or moving boundary enables CAE engineers to save much time and cost for the simulation used in the design and development process of the products.

At present many manufacturers use these unique features of MPS and achieve excellent results for their product development. In this presentation advanced application examples of MPS method based CFD software concerning various fields of industries including automotive, chemical, food, medical and so on are introduced .

In these examples, efficient modeling, treatment of complex boundary, visualization in detail of fluid behavior in the real application are demonstrated. In addition an example of co-simulation with multi body dynamics software are also introduced.