ANSYS extensions for automated simulation processes: applications in gearbox design

Davide Valtorta, GP Franzoso, S Meneghello

CADFEM (Swisse) AG



E Müller

GOM International AG

U Fasel

Suter Racing Technology

The ANSYS Workbench environment allows easy integration of third parties tools that can be connected using application extensions in the mechanical environment (ACT extensions). Simulation processes based on well defined procedures can be highly automated using ACT extensions, reducing the possibility of mistakes and increasing the productivity.
In this work, we present two ANSYS extensions useful for complex gearbox design, where ANSYS Mechanical and KISSsoft have been integrated. Design and verification of bolts according to the VDI 2230 Norm have been integrated in ANSYS Workbench by using the powerful tool KISSsoft in order to obtain a fully automated assessment. Gearbox design considering flexibility of the carter was also studied with ANSYS Mechanical and KISSsys, integrating the FE capabilities of ANSYS with the efficient features of KISSsys in gearbox design.
The simulation procedure was applied in the design of a high performance motorbike gearbox and validated through experimental measurements, demonstrating the possibility of considering the flexibility of carters in gearbox design.
This work has been done in collaboration between CADFEM (Suisse) AG, KISSsoft AG, GOM International AG and Suter Racing Technology AG.